KAI Inc.
 can realize any images that customers want through our projection solution.

Design and Integration

Experienced professionals are responsible for everything from design to integration, training and maintenance.


Through technical consulting, we can develop customized solutions that customers want.

Available for Purchase

Our video solutions are available for purchase.

Rich Experience

Based on the know-how that successfully commercialized the world's first multi-screen theater 'CGV ScreenX', we can produce high quality results.

Superior Technology

Our technical experts have sufficient capacity to develop the technology to meet the different needs of our customers.

Strong Business Network

We have an excellent partnership network in all areas essential for projection mapping, from equipment supply to content creation.

Our works

Curved screen

Permanent exhibition

Live performance

24m digital signage

Interactive content

Projected on water

VR experience spa

Synced LED displays

Live broadcast

Consisted of planes and curved surface

Interactive game

Convention event

Our clients & partners

About multi-projection

It is a technology that turns multiple projectors into one screen, and is used for media facades, exhibitions, convention events, and digital signage, etc.

About KaiCast

It is a solution developed by KAI Inc. that can easily configure a multi-projection environment in any space.

Business Inquiries

Contact us for technological partnership or
different kinds of business.